Another Way (by Nancy J. Gaffney)


Author: Nancy J. Gaffney
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Science Fiction/Romance
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615723737

Print: 9781615723744


A Planetary Guards Chronicle

A thousand years ago, in the name of ‘the greater good’, a great betrayal occurred. In the name of righteous retribution and justifiable genocide, a peaceful planet is attacked. A civilization a thousand years in the re-building is razed. An idyllic society, steeped in music, literature, and civic duty, is forced to flee the only home they’ve ever known. In middle of the struggle for survival, Shannen ‘Keeper’ Everett, Jason ‘Preacher’ Carrack and Colonel Robert Preyar must find a way to stay alive and thwart enemies no one ever knew existed. The battle for life as they knew it is on.


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