Apocalipstick (by Lisa Acerbo)


Author: Lisa Acerbo

Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length:  Novella

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Heat Level:  2

eBook: 9781629290171

Print: 9781629290188


Life is bad after the apocalypse…and the undead just made it worse.

Jenna should be having the time of her life at college. Instead, her one desire is survival. She lives in a world gone insane after a virus kills most of the population. Being alive after the apocalypse is bad, but when the undead return, hungry for humans, times turn darker. For Jenna and a small group of survivors, the goal is to reach the High Point Inn. At the inn, Jenna develops feelings for Caleb, who, while exotic and intoxicating, is not quite human. Will this new utopia last?


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