Berlina’s Quest (by James Hartley)


Author: James Hartley
Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Fantasy/Sword/Sorcery
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615729470

Print: 9781615729487


In spite of the Queen, Berlina is determined to rescue her brother, the Crown Prince.

Crown Prince Darvid has been kidnapped. If not rescued by his twenty-first birthday and crowned the new King, an evil prince will take over the kingdom. No one knows what to do, except Darvid’s younger sister, Princess Berlina. She knows that with her powers as a witch, and with her shape-shifter companion, she’ll be able to free Darvid for his coronation.

Breaking free of the imprisonment imposed “to keep her safe” by her mother, the Queen, she sets off on her quest.


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