Beside the Darker Shore (by Patricia J. Esposito)


Author: Patricia J. Esposito
Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Paranormal Romance/GLBT
Heat Level: 2

eBook: 9781615724154

Print: 9781615724161


What might the ethical Governor David Gedden give up for one man’s exquisite beauty? It’s terrifying to consider when the man is a destructive blood prostitute and David is responsible for the state’s peaceful vampire community. Blood sales in Boston are up, blood taxes support a thriving new nightlife, neighborhoods have been refurbished, and deaths by vampires have plummeted. David is assured reelection. However, the blood addict Stephen Salando has returned from exile with one unalterable plan: to turn the good governor into a vampire. Stephen is an immortal dhampir, whose beauty obliterates reason, who rouses in David a fierce desire he’s ignored his whole life. For David to have Stephen, he must ally with the community’s archrival. To have him, he must become a potential killer himself.



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