Blood Drops (by Carol Itoh)


Author: Carol Itoh
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Erotic Paranormal
Heat Level: 4

eBook: 9781615723850

Print: 9781615723867


Death wouldn’t stop him from fulfilling his promise to the woman he loved.

From a small town in France, on the eve of Etienne and Marie Anne’s wedding, a vampire in the local woods left him for dead. He returned to life as a vampire. For fear of killing his lover, he never returned to his village.

Marie Anne’s grief grew so deep that the local priests performed a forbidden rite to save her life but something went wrong. She became an Immortal Mortal.

Now both lovers are destined to live unnatural lives, one in darkness and one in daylight with only the occasional nocturnal visit to sustain their commitment.

After two centuries The Elders of the Vampire Clan and the Church in Rome discover their whereabouts. They must stand and face the old establishments and possible death or flee to a new life. What choice will they make? Can they survive the possibilities presented to them? For nothing is as it seemed in the world of vampires and immortals.


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