Daimon: Ebony Roses (by Danielle Bolger)



The Blue Coast is a broken city, its people scared and damaged and its streets stained with blood. Countless victims have been taken by the ruling of its past gangs, but none were so powerful, or so ruthless, as the Foxes that presently control it.

Jane Kirra has long sought to eradicate the city's crime and bring its criminals to justice. Through journalism she plans to expose the gang's dealings along with the city's corruption, whilst attaining her long-sought justice for the murders of her parents.

Alone, she sets out this desperate mission but soon realizes the foolishness of it as she is ensnared by her very enemies. From there they give her into the hands of the notorious serial killer, Valentine, to do with her as he pleases and when he is done she is not the same.

Jane wakes up transformed. She is strong, she regenerates and acquires heightened senses, but there is something else different about her, something very wrong.

She learns that she has been given the thing that she has always wanted, the power to bring justice, or in this case, vengeance, for her parents' deaths. But this comes at a high cost and it is not Jane who must pay for it, but others and this with their lives.

With no family, she considers herself alone, a lost little girl in her heart, but outside she has friends, a romance, and all of these people are threatened by her very existence. Jane has achieved the power to avenge her family but in exchange she has become a monster. No longer human, she is cold and aching heavily inside from her past scars, but she is also hungry, very hungry, and with it has developed a new cruel appetite.


Digital ISBN: 978-1-62929-346-2

Print ISBN: 978-1-62929-347-9


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