Desert Flower (by Tom Olbert)


Author: Tom Olbert
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Paranormal/Horror
Violence Level: 4
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615726349

Print: 9781615726356


A lost dream, a desperate hope, lost innocence…and a horror black as night.

A young girl’s innocence is ripped from her when she is turned against her will into a vampire. Hunted and alone, Fleurette longs for escape from her hellish existence of eternal night, blood-letting and carnage. In war-torn Afghanistan, another young girl, Ruhee has been cast into another kind of dark bondage as a child bride. Raped, tormented and suffering, she too longs for escape. These two lost souls find a strange but pure form of sisterly love together as they survive side-by-side in a world gone mad. Ruhee must grow up amid war and turmoil. As if American predator drones and the deadly raids of the Taliban weren’t bad enough, she must keep her sister’s dark secret, while merciless vampire hunters lurk in the shadows. When Ruhee comes of age and finds an unlikely but pure love with a brave but deeply troubled young Taliban soldier named Batal, she finds herself trapped between light and darkness. Her heart is torn in two, and she must make an impossible choice between love and immortality, as her young life teeters on the brink of hell.




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