Echoes the Drum (by Nancy Lindley-Gauthier)



Cori Greig jets to her Alaskan coastal home for summer break and lands smack between the ex-boyfriend and her incredibly handsome white water rafting guide.

Seth impresses her with his sensitivity and compassion for the beautiful and still unprotected white whales in the sound. And he knows all about the upcoming hunt.

Cori, reaching out for one baby Beluga can’t believe anyone would hard this gentle creature. Seth shares her compassion, yet his obsession is a little crazy, maybe even scary. Cori struggles to believe the best in Seth for the sake of that one baby snow-white whale.

Her first love, Dark, seems oh-so-sincere, but then again, he always did. His opinions and offers of help are suspect from the first. Just because he can lead a shamanic journey doesn’t make him loyal.

Cori can’t quite believe in either of them. The trickster, raven, may be her totem, but she feels like the only one who is ever fooled.

A single whale, perhaps that same curious one, sliced through a wave and arched her neck. She floated a little more than one white-capped wave away, her focus seemingly fixed on the boat. The tiny waves parted as a small rounded hump of white whale broke the surface to spout. Little of the whale was visible, though Seth stared, transfixed.

A warm flush washed over Cori, and she couldn’t help but smile at the big man. So handsome, he was far out of her league, she thought. But honestly, his tenderness drew her more than his looks.

The raft drifted toward a narrow shoal, crusted with ice. The baby rolled ever so gently to his side, then onto his back. His tummy shone opalescent, not white, but a variegated blend of pinks, blues, and grays. Every color played upon him, like the rainbow of pastel that glittered through the ice floes. His tiny round eyes fixed on her own, and he laughed and chortled, fins outstretched.
eBook ISBN: 9781615721610

Print ISBN: 9781615721627


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