Elements Rising, The Elements Series 1 (by April Wood & Aiden Bream)


Authors: April Wood & Aiden Bream

Cover Artist: Dawné Domnique

Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal

Heat Level: 3

eBook: 9781629291819

Print: 9781629291826


Elements Rising, Book 1 of The Elements Series between light and dark is love. Turning eighteen is hard enough for normal people, but these four share a secret. MacKenzie first discovers her gift. The mark making her an outcast is the very thing which makes her special, bonding her to the rest of her coven. Released from the orphanage she was raised in throws Kenzie in the path of the family she is destined to find. Lizzie, Edwin, and Charlie complete the coven. Love blossoms while their strengths mature. Lillian, with her long-time friend, Keagan, train them to face the dark coven that tracked them to their small Georgia town.

Together they fight through hardships and trials until the unthinkable happens. The young family has grown; now the group learns to be parents and fight to protect their children from the dark coven determined to claim them. Light must win over dark and love shine brighter than hate. Follow Kenzie and her new family on their journey and watch as their Elements rise.


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