Escort (by Richard C. Shaffer)


Author: Richard C. Shaffer
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominiqaue
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Historical/LGBT/Romance
Heat Level: 4

eBook: 9781629292564

Print: 9781629292571


Three novellas in one book:
The Shrine Maiden’s Secret
The Sultana’s Journey
The Welshman’s Hunt

A trio of gender-bending stories to pass the time on a long journey. Traveling along the road, you may be accosted by bandits, rogues, political rivals, and who knows what else. Whether it be Edo Japan, Mameluke Arabia, or Post-Crusade Scotland, the roads always have been a dangerous place. No less dangerous for the sexually androgynous. That is where an escort comes in! With a stalwart hero in the lead, safety is assured. Or is it? These three tales follow hermaphrodites along a path of romance, sexuality, and drama. Would you go along as their escort?


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