The Gallery (by David Landrum)



An artist who paints goddesses—or is she more?

Martin Rollins and Siobhan O’Conner find it easy to fall in love, especially since they’re both artists. He’s a musician, she’s a painter, and the partial amnesia she experiences from an accident doesn’t prevent her from creating beautiful, valuable art. But a mysterious man appears and insists that she not sell her art—and he’s willing to resort to any means possible to stop her…

“Seamus the Wraith—a ghost who supposedly lives in my family’s area of Ireland. He was a priest, a choirmaster who supposedly buggered countless choirboys. When this got found out he fled to the north, said he had converted to Protestantism, and became curator of a local museum—museums were pretty new things back then. After he died they say he became a ghost who haunted art galleries or houses where there were lots of paintings on display.”


eBook ISBN: 9781770650367
Print ISBN: 9781770650442


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