Incoming Call (by James McHarg)



It is important to have a job that you love. Its especially good if that job includes exercise, meeting people, and solving problems for important people all at once.

Trey Laughlin loves his job. His job involves exercise, meeting people, and solving problems for Tony Bavetta. Trey isn’t one to quibble over little things like the exercise being the swings of a crowbar…or Tony Bavetta being a mob boss. And the people he meets? Deadbeats, mostly. People who don’t pay their bills. Sometimes cops, looking in on Trey’s work in dark alleys. Mostly deadbeats, though.

But then, some weird things start happening. Trey is about to deliver a past due notice to a deadbeat, when his cell phone rings. He was sure that he had turned it off…and the deadbeat got away. Then, things get weirder.

It turns out that deadbeats aren’t the only ones who owe debts, and even the mob has to pay up sometimes…


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