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Her McRaidy Chieftain, The McRaidy Clan, Book 1 (by Em Epe)



The McRaidy Clan, Book 1

Can tragedy bring on eternity?

Beautiful Christiana, lost and alone in a strange country, runs into a thunderous group of warriors led by Liam McRaidy, Laird of the McRaidy clan. Terrified, she attempts to escape their wrath—only to plunge down a steep ravine.

Waking to agonizing pain, Christiana finds herself helpless and forced to depend on Liam for even the smallest need. As he nurtures her back to health, their passion explodes.

While Christiana and Liam are proud of the love they share, others are not as accepting. Infuriated by her disobedience, Christiana’s abusive and greedy father lashes out in revenge. Unwilling to continue the war with England and allow the brutality bestowed on Christiana to carry on, Liam prepares for the final battle. Fearing for the lives of her clansmen, Christiana seeks a solution of her own to end the suffering.


eBook ISBN: 9781770650565
Print ISBN: 9781770650565



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