Meeting At Princes Bridge (by Bruce Cooke)



Friends for life and born on the same day, Meg, Iris, and Val meet every St. Patrick’s Day on Princes Bridge Melbourne to throw in a coin to remember their dead fathers. When the Second World War breaks out, one of them makes a terrible mistake that results not only in estrangement but in a love that no one ever imagined. This story is filled with undying love, friendship, betrayal, retribution, tragedy and reunion.

He gently dropped her onto the bed and leaned over her, brushing his lips against hers. His fingers fumbled as he tried to undo the buttons of her dress. She reached up steadying his hand, then shakily helped him out of his shirt. Her fingers fell onto his belt and Ken assisted by undoing his buttons then letting his trousers fall to the floor.

He stepped out of his trousers and quickly removed his shoes and socks, then turned his full attention to her.

As the moonlight filtered across their bodies, they looked at each other. Meg’s heart fluttered as he stood before her. Was it anticipation, or something more? As she lay on the bed, her eyes scanned his length-his beautiful body, his sculptured muscles and-his erection, bulging beneath his underpants. Embarrassed, she wrenched her gaze away.

He must have noticed and took her by surprise when he asked, “You’re not embarrassed are you?”

“A little.” Her mouth was suddenly dry. She was through talking and wanted to give her attention to this wonderful man she was with.


eBook: 9781897559000
Print: 9781897559482


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