Miracles in the Making (by Adrienne Davenport)


Author: Adrienne Davenport
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Heat Level: 3

eBook: 9781629292250


Sometimes the gifts we treasure most are the ones we don’t see coming.

Owner of a charming little candy shop near the center of Chicago, Candy Frost has no children of her own to hold dear. Still, she is loved just as dearly by the ones who visit her shop on a regular basis. It isn’t much, but it keeps her going, especially around the holidays. She hates the surname she inherited from her parents, but the kids think it’s hilarious. Busy with life in general, she doesn’t make much effort to find a relationship. Kept company by her old cat, she figures she couldn’t ask for more, even if on occasion she’s a bit lonely.

Then one night, just before Christmas Eve, she admits to her cat that she occasionally longs for company.

Noel Street, a young male angel, has been watching her for a few years. He trips up and admits he momentarily lapsed in his duty. To punish him, the high angel sends him to Earth for three months.

When Candy discovers him outside her shop, she falls head over heels. He is the handsomest man she has seen in years. He draws children to him as though he possesses a magical flair. She can’t help but be attracted.

Noel has always found her beautiful, but she’s off limits. Using his duty to her as an excuse, he invites her to visit the winter wonderfest on Navy Pier with him.

Neither knows what awaits them or the turns life is about to take.


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