Mother Goose is Dead (edited by Michele Acker & Kirk Dougal)


Authors: Aaron Polson, Amelia Mangan, J.B. Dane , Bob Nailor, Eric Diehl, Jason Lavertue , Jeff Houser, Shelle Klein, Jodi Ralston, Jon C. Crusoe, Karina Fabian, Kim Richards, Kirk Dougal, Klaus Mundt, Bridges DelPonte, Cate Karin, Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Michelle Klein, Mike Rimar, Patricia A. Schiml, Rob Rosen, Barry Napier, Scott Virtes, Steven Westcott, Joette Rozanski, and Michele Acker

Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Fantasy/Mythology

eBook: 9781615724789



Once upon a time Mother Goose died, and things have never been the same.

She helped raise children for more than 300 years, her stories, along with myths and legends, teaching each generation morals and life lessons. But something happened over the centuries.
Mother Goose died.

Now the tales have been retold in different ways, twisted in on themselves, or added to with completely new stories.


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