Points of View (by Tony Thorne)


Author:  Tony Thorne

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey

Word Count: 53,400
Genres: Young Adult/Science Fiction/Thriller

eBook:  9781615727322

Print: 9781615727339



What if you were blind, and suddenly the government offered you a way to see again? What if they then supplied you with high-tech eyes, known as intelligent Nanotronic BioVision, allowing you to see the world, literally, in a whole new way?

In return, you are to use your new points of view to serve your country, however you are asked. In the meantime, other people want to take advantage of your unique abilities as well. How do you keep yourself safe while you decide who you can trust?

That is precisely the position faced by young Horace Mayberry, the central character of this new novel, Points of View.

6 reviews for Points of View (by Tony Thorne)


    Points of View, is a SciFi adventure with a believable, original, compulsive plot. I couldn’t put it down until I had devoured the whole novel. Not only was the writing superb, the story itself was entertaining and had some laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. ~ Addy Joseph (Author/Reviewer)


    I lost sleep reading Points of View because I couldn’t stop until I knew what happened next. It is a well-written science-fiction story, that grips the imagination. Don’t miss this phenomenal tale. ~ Rebecca Minto (Author/reviewer)


    This is a thriller, a science fiction adventure, but most of all a good old fashioned ripping yarn with a compulsive plot. Hopefully Tony Thorne will speculate on further challenges for Horace the hero. It’s something all readers of this novel will be looking out for. ~ Colin Kirby, tenerifemagazine.com


    This story is even more action packed involving Horace Mayberry’s amazing nanotronic eyes. Terrorists steal five new weapons and the VPHQ agents must recover them. The action occurs in places all over Europe, connected to sinister billionaire Rudolph Beckmann who wants the prototypes at any expense.

    Every chapter gets better and you have to know what is going to happen next, and what amazing new abilities will Horace’s new eyes give him when he needs them. Not even Horace is prepared for some of his new powers. I give this book 5 stars. ~ Ana Torres, reviewer, USA


    After reading Macabre Tales, I purchased this book Points Of View. The author’s write up is really simple and easy. English is my second language and I faced no difficulty in reading and following the story. Throne’s stories are quite engaging and captivating. The plot of this Scientific Fiction adventure story was quite different , original and unique in its own way. The hero is a young blind boy named Horace Mayberry who often experiences vivid dreams. No doctor could help him regain his eyesight until his 18th Birthday when a famous eye surgeon fitted him prototype nanotronic eyes. Post that, Mayberry was soon recruited as a secret government agency as an assistant. The story proceeds with the fantastical events that follow. Towards the splendid ending comes the exciting attack on the crooks hideout in Tenerife.

    Apart from the joy of reading it, the book leaves a comforting feeling that everyone can be happy in his own way. I could not put it down… Beautifully written and each of the characters is nicely developed. I will be now looking forward to reading other books by the author. ~ SilverLining, Amazon Reviewer


    Fantastic and imaginative futuristic spy thriller.
    Horace Mayberry has always dreamed of becoming a special agent, but being born with eye problems, his dreams seem even more impossible when, just after his 17th birthday he becomes totally blind.

    Then Professor Oscar Freeman enters his life and offers him a revolutionary procedure, which he has developed at his special nanotechnological laboratory.

    Soon Horace discovers the laboratory is government funded, and the military have many uses for his eyes. His training commences and Captain Aubrey Jacksons is assigned to look after him. It is soon obvious to everyone that the potential uses for the eyes go way beyond anyone’s expectations.

    However, danger is forever present for Horace, in the form of Rudolph Beckmann, who wants to steal the technology for his own uses.

    Will Rudolph Beckmann succeed?

    Will Horace fulfil his dream of becoming a special agent?

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this futuristic, action packed thriller. Its fast pace and intriguing technological possibilities left me hoping that Tony Thorne has many more adventures lined up for Horace Mayberry in the future. ~ Susan Keefe, Amazon Reviewer

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