Queen of the Talking Stones (by Douglas John Moore)


Author:  Douglas John Moore

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey

Genre/s: Fantasy/Adventure/Young Adult

Length: Plus-Novel

Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615724642

Print: 9781615724659


A reluctant young Queen is called upon to bring her world back into balance.

Jaree didn’t choose her blood. She is the sole survivor of a line of kings that have kept the peace for a thousand years. The line is broken and a war breaks out. Now she must become the thing she dreads most–a Queen. Her only allies are a group of barbarians, and the mysterious stones which enable her to commune with the spirit world. Can she control them or have the spirits already been corrupted by her evil nemesis? Her world is out of balance and only she can bring it back into harmony. First, she must uncover the secret of the Talking Stones.


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