Revelations (by Carrie Lynn Barker)



Cover Artist:  Amanda Kelsey

Length: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure/Fantasy

Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615723775

Print: 9781615723782


Christiana Fletcher sets off from her orphanage home in search of her father, who doesn’t know she exists. She finds him dying and exposes herself as the experiment she is, using her abilities to cure him. Able to heal with her hands, she is a wanted loose experiment.

Chris and her father are chased by two men. After an accident nearly kills her, Chris wakes in a hospital alone; her father gone. She is given a choice by a strange man who knows she is an experiment but has no idea of her ultimate powers.

This man takes her to a desert place where others like her, escaped and released experiments, live in secret. There, she meets the love of her life, Jonas, a man with scaled skin and pointed teeth. Her life there is short lived, as a single mistake ends everything she loves.

Chris becomes the hunter to avenge the people she considered family who lost their lives in the desert. She seeks out and destroys government bases that create people like her.


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