Run From Yourself (by R.W. Blair)


Author: R.W. Blair

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey

Length: Novella

Genre/s: LGBT/Drama/Fiction/Futuristic

eBook: 9781615725564

Heat Level: 4


When future suffering conflicts with the present’s desires.

Would one be able to change their actions or deeper sense of self, even if they knew the outcome would be disastrous from a future standpoint? Ross, a homosexual porn-star, is about to find out when he begins having conversations with his future self warning him of his life’s path. Yet he cannot remember their meetings due to his overpoweringly deep focus on his own perception and will for his deepest desires. When a tragedy strikes, however, the core of his very soul is shaken, when love in the thick of sex, drugs, and fame threatens to destroy the man he’d somehow forgotten he was. Ross will soon learn if he can break the cycle that his future self had set out for him to conquer and whether these fading conversations will take hold in order for him to leave the love he so greatly craves.


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