Where Shadows Lie: Bay City (by J. E. Cammon)


Author: J.E. Cammon

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey
Length:  Novel
Genre/s: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615723041

Print: 9781615723058


Where Shadows Lie Series, Book 1:

In the underbelly of the eastern US seaport of Bay City, supernatural and non-supernatural creatures alike strive to understand the meaning of life, to belong, or simply exist. David is one of them. He is far, far away from his clan. Before Nick, his only friend used to be a vampire named Jarvis. However, Nick’s only gift seems to be more of a curse: he brings change wherever he goes. When the three unlikely companions finally find the answers to their questions, they also find more mysteries needing to be solved. Eventually, they will all wish not to have been present on the evening when everything changed forever. Were the answers they received worth trading everything to darkness? After all, shadows lie. What’s a supernatural creature to do where the shadows’ lies carry the promise of home?


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