Where Shadows Lie: Hunting Grounds (by J.E. Cammon)


Author: J.E. Cammon

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615726523

Print: 9781615726530


Where Shadows Lies Series, Book 2:

Nicholas Hughes has finally gone to ground, but that doesn’t mean that he’s done running, or that Scarlet’s done chasing. When last he saw her, she promised to take his head, but when next he hears of her, she’s waist deep in trouble and he’s the only one that can help her out of it. This time the problem isn’t so much choice. It’s price. After all, he has his own battle to fight, with things speaking into his ear and looking over his shoulder. She told him too that all debts come due, and among all the shadows, it’s difficult to see the face of the clock that’s counting down. He’s not in Bay City anymore, but then again, Nick also isn’t the same man, but that doesn’t mean the man he’s become won’t regret the decisions made by the man he was.


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