Where Shadows Lie: Steeler’s Mill (by J.E. Cammon)


Author: J.E. Cammon

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781615728565

Print: 9781615728572


Where Shadows Lie Series, Book 3:

The vampire Jarvis has seen much in his centuries of being: slavery, wars, and the birth of a nation. The town of Steeler’s Mill is his next stop. The vampire is in search of a place to dwell on his immortality in peace. However, something is amiss in the tiny slum of a train-stop town. The Mill is more than what it seems. There are hidden doors to other worlds beyond mirrors and shadow, where there stalk things that feed on dreams and hope-things the vampire thought were only legend.


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