Skin Thief, A Cassandra Farbanks Novel, Book 3 (by Sonnet O’Dell)


Author: Sonnet O’Dell

Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique

Length: Novel
Genre/s: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Heat Level: 3

eBook: 9781615723140



A Cassandra Farbanks Novel, Book 3

Deciding to put her recently discovered magical powers to use, Cassandra Farbanks has started her own Paranormal Investigation business, and now she’s handling her first official case.

A prison inmate has used a magic amulet to escape his incarceration and seeks a bloody revenge on his enemies. But what is his true purpose, and what’s the connection between the victims? It’s up to Cassandra to find out. She’s desperate to track and stop him whilst trying to juggle a deteriorating relationship with her boyfriend, the half elf Magnus, and her bond to the vampire Aram.

Even as she finds her way to closing her first real case, Cassandra’s troubles aren’t over. As she discovers, the magic of an amulet is too tempting for some—and it could ruin everything for Cassandra.


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