Talon (by Alice Wade)


Author: Alice Wade
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy
Violence Level 3
Heat Level: 4

eBook: 9781615726585

Print: 978-1615726592


Blood and pain reign in a vampire ravished land where only an exiled elf can stem the flow.

The vampires who riddle the realm have only one name to fear: Talon, an elf. He and his mate, Kailani, have made it their life’s mission to hunt down and control dangerous covens which have grown too violent, too hungry, destroying vast amounts of life in the name of their selfish entertainment. There’s one problem with this strategy, for Talon and Kailani are vampires as well. Together they must band with humans to defeat the bloodthirsty villain Kaen and his psychotic queen.

This is a highly sexual tale any vampire romance lover will enjoy.


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