Tea With Maureen (by Christopher Reid)


Author: Christopher Reid
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotica
Heat Level: 5

eBook: 9781629293240

Print: 9781629293257


What is your compulsion?

Michael is an American scholar living in a picturesque English town. During a late afternoon stroll he walks into a used book store, where he meets Maureen, the voluptuous middle-aged owner of the shop. Over afternoon tea, they talk books, philosophy, and politics and begin a flirtation which leads to an affair.

Is the affair spontaneous or part of a planned seduction? Maureen has a past and a compulsion that makes her romance with Michael more than mere accident. Riddle follows upon riddle as Michael is drawn into Maureen’s world. In the end, he confronts the complex reality of his own desires and comes to understand the true nature of love.


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