Trace Elements (by Bruce Cooke)



Marine Biologist Trace Patterson has found a way to eliminate the crown of thorns starfish in order to save the Great Barrier Reef. So why would someone want him dead? Charles Edgely, a multi-millionaire, needs the coral to make a formula for Alzheimer’s that will earn billions for him. When Trace learns that his arch-enemy could in fact posses the treatment to cure his ailing father of Alzheimer’s, he is faced with a terrible choice. Murder, deceit and betrayal erupt as Trace faces the greatest challenge of his life.

Few establishments in Swordfish Bay owned powerful craft such as this. He could make out the silhouette of two men: one driving, the other standing. He recognised neither. Flames erupted from an object one seemed to be holding. The sound of continuous gunfire filled the air. Shit. He dived to the floor of the boat. Glass shattered and the hull splintered. A shower of timber fragments erupted inside the cabin, stinging his exposed skin.

Holes appeared in the cabin walls, and the thump of bullets striking forced his head lower. He heard the boat speed past. When he glanced up, he could see the boat turn to make another run. Again, gunfire whizzed around him, causing more damage.

Bastards! What’s their problem?

He braced himself for another onslaught. How the hell would he get out of this? He needed an escape before the boat came again. He had no time to don his wetsuit, but he could slip on his diving gear. He still had enough air to stay under for at least five more minutes.

He grabbed his tank, put his arms through the straps, and perched on the rail, ready to jump, when he looked down into the water. The large dorsal fin circled the craft. His four-metre nightmare was back.


eBook ISBN: 9781897559369
Print ISBN: 9780981152707


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