Unholy Alliance (by Tom Olbert)



The story of Chris, a young vampire hunter who has known only hatred, battle and killing. His life changes dramatically when he falls in love with Sara, a female vampire. Their love is an impossible one, and the alliance of necessity that forms between them equally so. They find themselves pitted against dark forces that would exploit or destroy the innocent. The odds are against them, but Chris’s greatest battle is within his own soul. He must choose between his love for Sara, and his faith in a greater good…

The killing fever was on him, his brain swimming in the joyous delirium of death. Chris slogged through blood in a crack house full of dead bodies. Some with twin puncture marks in their throats, their bodies drained of blood. The ones who’d killed them…decapitated, their bodies even now being hacked apart, their disembodied hearts burned in pretty bonfires by his laughing homies. Catching a stirring in the shadows, he spun and raised the axe to kill another of them. He froze. She was just a girl, maybe 15 or so. Her large blue eyes shined like ice in the firelight as she looked up from the throat of her kill, his blood filling her mouth and splattered across her face. Her long black hair was matted with blood.


eBook ISBN: 9781770650343
Print ISBN: 9781770650428


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