Whatever the Impulse by T. Amiri


Author: T. Amiri
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Violence: 4
Heat: 4

eBook: 9781944579210

Print: 9781944579623


When there’s nowhere to go but too far…  

With his sole guardian turned stalker and the police on the wrong side, 19-year-old Night has little choice but to enter into an elaborate ruse in exchange for refuge. Despite his oppressive, isolated past, fulfilling his dying mentor’s grand expectations is achievable for prodigious Night, but threats and temptations abound. As Night’s power increases, will he be able to control his feral impulses, and more importantly, will he care?

6 reviews for Whatever the Impulse by T. Amiri


    This is a solid debut from Amiri, about identity, madness, and rock n’ roll. The book is reminiscent of Jerzy Kosinski’s “Pinball” (although it is better than that foray) and the author has an impressionistic style that veers toward the poetic at times. There are some twists and turns, though not so many that they become a gimmick. Sex and violence are also found in abundance, but both are integral to the story and well-described, which keeps the proceedings from becoming gratuitous. Recommended. ~ Amazon Review


    This story about twins separated at birth who grew up …

    This story about twins separated at birth who grew up not knowing the other existed and who lead very different lives until circumstance lead one to seek out the other. It was an exciting, riveting read from start to finish! The plot was intense and the characters interesting – I found myself rooting for them and hating them at the same time! A definite page turner that kept me intrigued for the whole story with a surprising twist at the end that left me wanting more! ~ Roxykatt68, Amazon Review


    Tantalizing read!

    I enjoyed reading this edge-of-your-seat thriller. Tina’s writing captured me until the very end. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes thrillers and suspense. ~ Sandie Will, Amazon Review


    Great first novel

    What if you had a twin out there who was better at being you than you are? Everything works out well — until it doesn’t.

    Separated at birth, unaware of each other except in their dreams, two brothers finally meet up to save each other from serious problems.
    Although it starts off slow, there are plenty of twists and turns in this exciting first novel. ~ Amazon Review


    Great first book

    Excellent book. I couldn’t put it down. Great character development and suspense. I hope to see more by this new author. ~ Professor Veracity, Amazon Review


    Seriously Page-Turning

    Love the twists in the plot. The dialogue always moves the story forward…that’s so important to a good read. ~ Litterwrit, Amazon Review

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