Wild Rosegarten, The Camellia Series, Book 1 (by Beth Bishop)


Author:  Beth Bishop
Cover Artist:  Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre/s:  Dark Fantasy/Erotica/Romance

Heat Level:  3

eBook: 9781629292199

Print: 9781629292205


The Camellia Series, Book 1:

Camellia believes that the only good vampire is a dead vampire…until she meets Leslie.

In 2032, vampires rule the world, but free human, Camellia Rosegarten can make things right again. When ancient vampire, Leslie Wells confronts her with an offer of partnership, she takes a chance on this vampire who claims he can emancipate humanity.

Camellia has a new goal: kill Guillame Benoit, ruler of Florida, and free the states humans. In the process, Camellia learns how much she is willing to sacrifice, the cost of her decision, and that she is worth far more than the weapon in her hand.


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