The Witch of Round Mountain (by Brian N. Young)


Author: Brian N. Young
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Historical Western/Horror
Violence Level: 3
Heat Level: 3

eBook: 9781615727469

Print: 9781615727476


There is more to the Civil War than most assume, and the part that the Native American tribes played is often overlooked. Caught in the crossfire of the North and South, the Creek/Seminole and the Mountain Man Monster Hunter Jed Isaacs discover another hidden aspect of the war that no one else notices. As often is the case, the hunted become the hunters and the hunt ends at Round Mountain, but for whom? More than just deer, birds, and squirrels dwell in the woods surrounding the hill, a presence that is more overlooked than anything else until it hungers.


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